Very nice selection of quality wines and liquor. New owners are very friendly. Nice atmosphere for a place in a big box store.

Nicholas G., Watchung, NJ

Owner is knowledgeable and very friendly. Helped me pair a great wine for the steaks and cheese I was picking up at BJs. No membership needed. Excellent selection.

Manny K., North Plainfield, NJ

Awesome beer selection. They have a growler station too. Must try.

Gary W., Green Brook, NJ

Great wines and nice display of higher-end liquors behind the counter. Definitely recommend and you don’t have to be a BJs member to get to the place. Will tell friends!

Jennifer F., Plainfield NJ

I have a BJs membership and tried the Wine Cellar for the first time today. Well organized. Friendly staff. Helped me pick out a few liquors to try some new cocktails at our barbecue party this weekend. Highly recommended and it’s open to the public. 

Mary B., Watchung, NJ