Very nice selection of quality wines and liquor. New owners are very friendly. Nice atmosphere for a place in a big box store.

Nicholas G., Watchung, NJ

Great wines and nice display of higher-end liquors behind the counter. Definitely recommend and you don’t have to be a BJs member to get to the place. Will tell friends!

Jennifer F., Plainfield NJ

I have a BJs membership and tried the Wine Cellar for the first time today. Well organized. Friendly staff. Helped me pick out a few liquors to try some new cocktails at our barbecue party this weekend. Highly recommended and it’s open to the public. 

Mary B., Watchung, NJ

Owner is knowledgeable and very friendly. Helped me pair a great wine for the steaks and cheese I was picking up at BJs. No membership needed. Excellent selection.

Manny K., North Plainfield, NJ

Awesome beer selection. They have a growler station too. Must try.

Gary W., Green Brook, NJ